Mobile Apps and your Health

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3 mobile apps to help you stay healthy

In today’s world of unlimited internet, digital assistants, and two-day shipping, things like research, keeping up with appointments, and last-minute gift buying have never been more convenient. But with this accessibility, we often find ourselves submerged under a seemingly ever-increasing workload, high expectations from others, and our own personal list of priorities to adhere to! Self-care and healthy habits can become a last minute thought, or something that “we’ll start next week” but never get around to.

Do you carry a smartphone with you most of the day? Smartphones can offer more than just email notifications, schedule reminders, or entertainment apps. You can use your phone to track a host of data to help you stay healthy. Check out the following mobile applications so you can stay healthy while on-the-go.


The Freeletics app combines urban cool, P90X, and a can-do attitude to bring you one of the best exercise experiences on mobile. After answering a few introductory questions, you’re assigned a body weight exercise regimen that starts easy but gets progressively harder as you work out for about 10 minutes each day. The app advertises that you only need 10-15 min and 9 square feet of space to complete each workout. This is a huge plus for anyone with limited time, space, or a packed travel schedule! Be warned: once you start, you won’t find yourself being able to come up with any more excuses for missing a workout.


Kudolife aims to take the guesswork out of eating healthier. After signing up on the Kudolife app, an interactive questionnaire helps you determine your weight and fitness goals. Once your goals are set, that’s when the real fun begins! After submitting your information, access three different diet plans that can help you reach your health goals. One of the best parts of the Kudolife app is that it doesn’t feel just like a quick fix or an app devoted to dieting; it offers a lot of valuable information about nutrition. Whether you want to gain weight, lose weight, or become more physically fit, this app can show you what food decisions will help you reach your health goals.


GoodRx is the simplest app on this list. Similar to apps like GasBuddy that show what the prices for gas are at nearby stations, this app makes it easy to find the cheapest price for your prescription or generic medication at a pharmacy. Need a refill? Just type the drug or medication you are looking for, or the condition you need treated into the search bar, answer a few specific questions about the prescription, and GoodRx pulls up a listing of the pharmacies closest to you with their prices in a lowest-to-highest order. Just click on the digital coupon and you’re ready to go. Finding your prescription at the best price doesn’t get much easier!

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