Resources for how your business can respond to COVID-19

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Coronavirus has disrupted normal life as we know it. Together, we can fight back.

Please note that the following links and files are updated regularly and that the following resources exist as an aggregation of data and information provided to the EHRC. You should always check with your insurance provider, review your contracts, and use reliable sources for more information pertaining to your organization's specific situation.

Health Care Insurance Carrier and Ancillary Carrier COVID-19 Plan Adjustments

Health Care Insurance Carriers and Ancillary Coverage Carriers around the country are making adjustments to their plans and policies in response to COVID-19. You can find information that we have compiled from a variety of Health Care Insurance and Ancillary Coverage Providers in downloadable PDFs using the links below. Please note that these files are updated regularly, they are an aggregation of data provided to The EHRC, and you should always check with your insurance provider and review your contract.

Health Care Insurance Carrier COVID-19 Guidelines
Ancillary Coverage Carrier COVID-19 Guidelines

Government COVID-19 Resources

The Federal and Virginia State Government have passed a series of bills and provided a variety of resources to help businesses and their employees fight the economic toll that the Coronavirus is taking. Please note that any linked resources included below may change or be updated as the situation continues to change.

CARES Act Provisions for Businesses

Businesses around the country affected by the Coronavirus can apply for emergency loans and may have access to Federal Reserve funds through provisions included in the CARES act. The US Chamber of Commerce has prepared a guide for small businesses to reference regarding these emergency loans – US Chamber Small Business ELA Loan Guide (additional info on COVID-19 Relief Small Business Administration loans). Information regarding whether your business is eligible to access additional Federal Reserve Liquidity Program funds made available by legislation can be found here.

The Paycheck Protection Program is one of the primary components of the CARES Act that was passed by Congress and signed by the President. With regulations changing every day, you can refer to this guide on what the PPP provides borrowers, rules governing the program, etc. On April 23rd, the Small Business Administration clarified that the PPP loans are required to assist with “the ongoing operations of the applicant,” therefore adjusting previous regulations and rulings for borrowers. Read more about the clarifications made on the PPP program here.

Families First Coronavirus Response Act & CARES Act Tax Relief

Though the Families First Coronavirus Response Act has many important purveying themes, some of the most important provisions are related to tax relief for families and businesses during this crisis. Review the full list of tax relief actions here.

CARES Act Provisions for Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry has been especially hard hit by the economic impact of COVID-19, and the Federal Government has passed bills to help. You can review the provisions of the CARES Act for the hospitality industry here.

Department of Labor and Industry’s COVID-10 Emergency Temporary Standards

Virginia’s Occupational Safety and Health (VOSH) Program as well as the Virginia Safety and Health Codes Board have adopted a new Emergency Temporary Standard to deal with COVID-19. The original regulation texts and training materials can be found here.

Shenandoah Valley Community COVID-19 Resources and Response

Shenandoah Valley Partnership Resource List

The Shenandoah Valley community is working together to fight the effects of COVID-19. The Shenandoah Valley Partnership has established a web page containing a series of resources, surveys, and community initiatives to help fight the effects within our community. Consider visiting this page if your business or employees are located in the Shenandoah Valley – Shenandoah Valley Partnership COVID-19 resources.

The Harrisonburg-Rockingham COVID-19 Business Support Taskforce

A variety of business and community success organizations have banded together to form the Harrisonburg-Rockingham COVID-19 Business Support Taskforce. They are providing a variety of assistance programs, coordinating resources, and information for businesses affected by the virus in the greater Harrisonburg-Rockingham County area. You can access the business task force page for more information.

The Shenandoah Valley Chamber of Commerce

Starting to re-open a business, let alone the economy, is going to be difficult. Each business faces its own challenges, much like each individual community will face their own challenges. The Shenandoah Valley Chamber of Commerce put together a presentation that discusses and explores some of the challenges and approaches to re-opening businesses in a post-Coronavirus world.


LD&B and EHRC Partner and Vendor COVID-19 Resources and Response

Benefit Advisors Network (BAN) and LD&B

Whether we like it or not, the pandemic has shifted how people interact with each other in and outside of the workplace. BAN in partnership with LD&B have put out an Employer Workforce Dynamic Guide for how to address these interactions today, tomorrow, and into the future.


If you have more questions or would like to talk through the particular situation your business is facing due to the Coronavirus, please feel free to get in touch with us!